It’s only late August, but the action is always hot and heavy when it comes to the National Football League.  Today a website called published a report on the NFL football teams that are getting the most action to win the Super Bowl this year.

Who are People Betting to Win the Super Bowl in 2019?

I posted season win totals for football back in April, and while there haven’t been many monumental moves (sans Leveon Bell) since then, nor have there been any catastrophic injuries to report, so the odds haven’t changed too much based on the obvious factors that influence numbers.

Many times you’ll see the teams with large, global fan bases get action.  (Think of the Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Yankees in baseball.) . However, the number one team bet on this year is perhaps the one that people have done nothing but laugh at for the better part of the last 20+ years.  So without further ado, let’s get into the list of teams people are betting on to win the Super Bowl that will be held in Miami, Florida.

#1:  Cleveland Browns

At 10-1, there is definitely value here, BUT, let’s remember, this is the Cleveland Browns we are talking about.  On paper, this team has all the talent in the world, but will they mesh as a team?  My guess, is no.  Not this year.

#2:  Chicago Bears

Another value at 9-1, the Bears are getting many looks based on what they did last year.  They were a missed field goal away from making the NFC Championship game, but let’s remember a few things.  One, they lost coach Vic Fangio, who arguably was more important to their defense than the wonderful Khalil Mack.  Next, this team may not even get out of their own Division!  They have the always tough Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers breathing down their neck.  Do you really think Cousins, in year two with the best two wideouts any QB has available, and Rodgers, with a new coach and something to prove, will finish behind Mitchell Trubisky?

#3:  Kansas City Chiefs

At 7-1 this could be the play that I like the most.  They return just about everyone, and added pieces, from a team that lost to the champs only because of the awful overtime rules in place.

#4:  New Orleans Saints

At 17-2, this isn’t a bad bet on a team with Drew Brees and Sean Payton.  A team that has been royally kept out of the dance by two plays that can’t happen for a third year in a row.  Or can they?

#5:  Dallas Cowboys

At 18-1 there is a huge upside here, but will they get Ezekial Elliott on the field this year?  If not, this bet is simply a donation.

Check back soon as we’ll make our season long NFL picks for the world to see.

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