As we enter a world, or let’s be honest, a nation, that is starting to accept gambling on sports, there will be developments that will help people make a wager just a tad bit easier.  As it is right now, if you reside in Vegas, you know this is a luxury, but you probably don’t know just bad the rest of the states ache to have this luxury in their neighborhood.  For New York, that ache may be cured, according to a story that ran on Buffalo News.

The Seneca Nation along with two other tribes in New York that have casino gambling may be able to offer mobile wagering to anyone within the state limits.

This would essentially allow anyone to wager on professional and college sports with any device that can connect to the Internet, where the wager would go through a Seneca-run platform.

Right now, the current pan that’s in slated to take place if regulations are made final sometime this year as expected, would have to travel to an actual physical location to make wagers in a casino based in Seneca County.

The Seneca Nation hasn’t been too thrilled about the in-person wagering, according to the article, however being able to push sports betting across the entire state and serve customers digitally would be a big win for the tribe. The measure to make physical travel part of the plan came about in 2013, and it also granted the Seneca Nation the provisional permit to allow and offer sports betting if a federal ban was one day lifted.  In 2018, that happened.

Pro sports leagues, gambling companies, and industry icons have pushed for online sports betting the entire time.  They influence of in-person wagering will have marginal impact on luring people to upstate New York to wager, they feel.

The owners of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, Pegula Sports Entertainment, are on board.

We’re on board.  You should be too.  🙂

We’ll be watching this story closely, as well as the developments of any other legalized gambling operation news on a state by state basis.

States With Legal Sports Betting

Seven states have legal, state-regulated sports betting industries.

  • Nevada sports betting
  • Delaware sports betting
  • New Jersey sports betting
  • Mississippi sports betting
  • West Virginia sports betting
  • Pennsylvania sports betting
  • Rhode Island sports betting


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