Well, the “hot stove” is behind us and the rosters are pretty much set with spring training well underway.

We earlier wrote a post on the Bryce Harper sweepstakes, detailing the front-runners to sign him for their services, and the Philadelphia Phillies came out on top with a record-breaking $330 million deal for 13 years with the young slugger.

With that said, along with the signing of Manny Machado with the San Diego Padres, where does that leave us for the favorites to win the World Series?

World Series Odds MLB Preseason 2019

Beyond just looking at the current odds, it would be useful to see how things have changed as compared to where they stood over the last few weeks and months with all of the free agency signings that have taken place during the offseason.

As of today, according to betonline.ag, here are the top 10 favorites to win the World Series in 2019:

New York Yankees +600
Boston Red Sox +700
Houston Astros +750
Los Angeles Dodgers +800
Philadelphia Phillies +800
Chicago Cubs +1200
Cleveland Indians +1200
St. Louis Cardinals +1400
Washington Nationals +1600
Atlanta Braves +1800

How Have They Changed?

So with those current odds, how are they different from prior to the mega signings that have taken place?who has the best odds to win the World Series in 2019?

The biggest movers, obviously, were the Philadelphia Phillies. In mid-February, their odds to win the World Series were between +1400 and +1800, depending on the sportsbook you viewed. That is a big jump to get to their current odds of +800.

The top three of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Astros pretty much stayed put and are interchangeable depending on the sportsbook, but all were in the range of +600 and +700 both in mid-February and currently.

It doesn’t seem like the San Diego Padres are expected to do much despite the Manny Machado signing, though they did get a bit of a bump (but not enough to crack the top 10 favorites). In February they were around +10000, and I’ve seen sites list them anywhere in the range of +4000 to +8000 as of today.

That said, there is a lot of baseball to play (obviously, the entire season is ahead of us). We’ll have plenty of time to see how these new signings affect teams, divisions, the pennant race, and the World Series. We can’t wait for Opening Day!

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