Whoa, we saw a lot of action this week as the free agency period opened in the NFL. There were a lot of deals that I don’t think anyone saw coming, and they certainly shifted the landscape in the league for this upcoming season. Just like we saw a lot of movement of lines at the sportsbook in baseball with all the MLB offseason moves, there’s been a lot of change in the NFL odds as well.

So how did everyone fare after their roster moves? Who were the biggest winners and losers, according to Vegas?

Offseason Effect on NFL Super Bowl Odds

Obviously, the biggest news this week was the trade between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns. The Giants sent superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. to the Browns in exchange for a 1st round, their second 3rd roundOdds to win the 2019 Super Bowl as of March 14, 2019 pick, and Jabrill Peppers.

This has the makings of an all-new look for the Cleveland Browns, who are perennially a doormat in the league. But with the successful rookie season of Baker Mayfield making way for a follow-up sophomore season, the addition of Kareem Hunt earlier in the offseason, and now an aerial weapon in OBJ, their present and future are looking a whole lot brighter.

How much did things change? All of a sudden they are now theĀ fifth-best odds to win the Super Bowl at 14-to-1. This is a huge jump from just days ago when they were in the range of 25-to-1. They’re also the favorites to win the AFC North, which is usually the possession of the Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers. Yeah… about that…

The Steelers saw their odds drop big time during the offseason with the loss of running back Le’Veon Bell (which isn’t a surprise, considering his contract hold-out for the entire 2018 season) to the New York Jets, as well as the departure of star wide receiver Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders.

While the Jets actually saw their odds get worse (rather, their payout became higher) in a move from +10000 to +12500, it is not surprising that the Raiders saw a big jump. Previously at +10000, their odds are now +6600.


Looking at this, a couple of things jump out at me. Who knows – maybe Derek Carr can put things together now that he has an elite wide receiver to throw the ball to? At such a high payout, it might be worth throwing a small amount at it and see what happens.

As for the Browns, I think when given the opportunity to get +1400 on arguably the 3rd most talented team in the AFC, it’s a sports betting line that is worth putting some money down on.

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All of these offseason roster moves, plus the draft coming up in about a month, have me excited for the season already! Can it get here now, please?

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