Draft Kings Review

A major commodity that has picked up popularity over the past couple of years is the area of fantasy sports. Fantasy sports is a fun activity in which real teams comprised of real players are selected, and players compete against each other with said teams to determine which has the better production. Many platforms have been created in order to put skill and knowledge of a sport and combine it with an opportunity to earn money.

One such site that has given thousands of users this opportunity is DraftKings. If you are interested in fantasy sports betting, competition and an opportunity to earn some money on the side, the following draftkings.com review may be of interest to you.

Why is Draft Kings a Top Daily Fantasy Option?


DraftKings is a fantasy sports provider that allows for users to win money-based prizes based on the fantasy sports performance of players and teams across five American sports, (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and PGA), the UEFA Champions League, NASCAR racing, MMA, tennis and the Canadian Football League among other organizations. As of mid-2017, DraftKings has approximately 8 million users. In 2019, DraftKings is projected to pay out over 1 billion dollars to its users.

In the industry of gaming, DraftKings has one of the largest rosters of users. For perspective, NBA contests can have up to 20,000 online gamers daily competing for either monumental cash winnings or smaller prizes. One of the reasons why DraftKings is popular is because of the number of sports they have partnered with. This means that anyone with an interest in a specific sport can try their luck.

Is DraftKings Legal?

One of the major concerns with online fantasy sports websites is the legality of it. While DraftKings is a legal venture in the United States, there are certain edicts in specific states that do not allow daily fantasy. As of right now, the states that are not eligible to play in daily fantasy are Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Louisiana, Alabama, Montana, Arizona, and Iowa.

It has been determined by United States law that fantasy sports is a game based on skill rather than chance. This distinguishes fantasy sports from gambling websites. This law was clearly outlined in the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006. This targeted online gambling websites. In short, DraftKings is perfectly legal, but you must ensure that you are not in one of the states where it is outlawed.

You should also be aware that while DraftKings is not a scam, it is also not a way to get rich quick either. While there is a chance that you could win a monumental cash prize, most people who play in DraftKings play for fun while earning a little bit of money on the side. It is wise to temper expectations prior to getting serious about playing fantasy sports. Do not go in expecting that you will set yourself to win thousands of dollars frequently. While it is possible, it should not be the main priority. Otherwise, you will leave yourself massively disappointed.

That said, DraftKings provides users with a platform to potentially walk away with as much as $1,000,000 guaranteed with smaller payouts given to 1 on 1 battles. Another big advantage is that one will never have any trouble looking for competition or finding a tournament.

Getting Started

Before making your initial deposit, you can engage yourself in free games to start out. In order to participate in tournaments for cash prizes, one needs to acquire a set number of “crowns”, previously known as Frequent Player Points. Once the number of crows is achieved by playing money games, they can then be redeemed for entry. For these contests, the entry fees range from being free of charge to up to $1,000 for the more expensive competitions. However, DraftKings has proven that it can accommodate any income level.

Accessibility and Use

One of the more attractive features that novice users of DraftKings will find is the relatively easy navigation. For anyone interested in high-profile tournaments, they will be featured on the top of the page. If someone is looking for a game related to a specific sport, they can apply advanced filters and find the right game for them. For those interested in the mobile app variety, there is great ease of use, and one can follow live contests.

The functionality of DraftKings is quite impressive as well. The sections of the site are easy to find, advanced features can be learned quickly with minimal usage, and important promotional material and featured contests are displayed quite clearly. If you could get past a minor quirk of needing to go through multiple pages to access sections such as “My Account”, “Settings”, and “FAQ”, DraftKings is an easy website to use.

Another major advantage that DraftKings has to its advantage is that there are rarely any times the site slows down. Typically, there is less traffic and attention given to sites when major sports are in the offseason. However, since DraftKigns continues the action due to their partnerships with a variety of major sports leagues, there will typically be thousands of competitions available with participation.

How To Start

In terms of how one can get into the action, it is a very simple process. First, you simply signup through your email or social media (this is commonly Facebook). Next, you make your deposit in order to make yourself eligible for playing in games. The depositing process is just as simple as signing up. After you make your account, you will instantly be directed to the page where you will deposit your money, and you are given a number of options for a fixed number that you want to spend. As of right now, you can deposit as little as $5.00 to as much as $2,000.

For your first deposit, you will receive a complimentary $3.00 ticket to participate in a paid contest. At the top of the page, there will be a tab in which all the sports that are available to help you make your choice. This will also feature the best contests that are taking place in each sport. Furthermore, each contest is broken down by game style, the type of contest and the entry fee. You can make searching for a game of yourself easier by utilizing the advanced filter to narrow the size down to what you need. This speaks to the ease of use that the site has so that you are not blindly chasing across the site to compete in contests that you do not want to.

Tournaments and Cash Games

Now, there are two specific categories in fantasy sports on DraftKings, being tournaments and cash games. Cash games payout to approximately half the entire field while tournaments have a higher chance of payouts. Tournaments pay out approximately 20% less than cash games and a big reason for that is because there are more “winner take all” tournaments as well.

Another big advantage that DraftKings can provide prospective users is its creativity. This especially is the case when it comes to the NBA. DraftKings allows freedom in the NBA to provide users to have multiple positions, such as a forward spot, a guard spot, and a utility spot. This can put prominent players into positions they do not usually play. So if one wanted to put Kawhi Leonard, Toronto’s starting small forward, into a guard spot, they could do just that. What separates this from other sites is that there are stricter guidelines on position eligibility.

Different Game Types

There are advantages going across other sports as well, such as utility spots and two-pitcher sits in the MLB, six spots that could be filled in golf and a FLEX spot for fantasy football. New and innovative ways to level the playing field across each sport is being discovered every day, and there does not seem to be any signs of slowing down in the near future.

A variety of formats in game styles is available to the users’ disposal. Over time, as a user gets adapted to each style, they may be able to find which ones they succeed in the most. A popular format that DraftKings introduced over the course of the past year is “Tiers”. This can prove to be convenient for those who are strapped for time because all you do is choose from a group of six tiers of pre-selected players. Then, all you do is go up against the selections of other users. All of these tiers usually vary on skill level ranging from below average to elite players to select from.

You could also opt for the classic format, where you fill each spot while staying within the salary cap. You could also substitute players in and out of your lineup at our leisure as long as the game being played is not already in progress. For those who may have gone across other fantasy sports sites and want to continue with the same format, DraftKings can provide that option.

showdown slate will allow you to play fantasy sports in one set sports game. The most popular kind of showdown slate is Sunday Night Football from the NFL. Your roster will be comprised of FLEX players and a Captains spot in which that player will earn more than the average fantasy production. Any team that fits your roster can be played, be it offensive players or defensive players. With a similar format to other sports, these showdown slates are typically centered for bigger games and can provide an intriguing dynamic to fantasy sports.

You will also have the option of drafting a team available to you as well. There will be a list of available players listed to your left and can be sorted by position if you like. With each player carries a specific salary, and the onus will be on you to find a balanced team that does not exceed the cap. It will be easy for you to make your team and know you can and cannot get because your remaining salary will always be available to you as you are making your team. Being able to see your salary may not be seen in tiers or showdown slate gameplay styles.

The scoring system also has a great balance of complexity, but simplicity in its usage. The learning curve for new users is often a concern for many who get into online fantasy sports play, but DraftKings gets a great job of getting people acclimated to the system. Your freedom of creativity will range across different sports. For example, in football, bonuses are given for a certain number of yards for ground running or receiving. Other bonuses are distributed for achieving a set number of yards in passing. In baseball, points can be given for shutouts, no-hitters and complete games.

However, these bonuses in scoring are seen in a huge way with basketball. Advantages are given to those who shoot the three-point ball very well, and individual achievements such as double-doubles and triple-doubles get bonuses as well. For hockey, short-handed goals and hat tricks are typically well rewarded. With golf, scoring is based on a per hole production, streaks, and placement in tournaments. Bonuses may be achieved here through a set number of birdies, a round free of bogeys, or rounds under 70 strokes.


Now, for the part that many might be interested in, being the process of withdrawing funds. It is just as simple as depositing money in the first place. You simply click on the deposit button, and an option to withdraw funds will be on the left-hand side of the screen. The minimum to withdraw is $20. In terms of the policy regarding withdrawals, the original deposit source must be refunded with the initial amount that you deposited. Then, the remaining funds will be distributed via Paypal or check. No matter the method that you decide, you can expect your withdrawn funds within 7 business days.

Customer Support

In terms of support that you may get on the website, it can be hit or miss. You can rest assured that you will get an answer to your questions, but the problem is that it typically isn’t instant. Also, many users are tempted to submit support tickets that may take a while to be responded to, as opposed to accessing the FAQ section, because the answers may not be clearly displayed. Also, one advantage other fantasy sports may have over DraftKings is that they have telephone numbers and on-screen chats. DK does not offer that.

DraftKings also provides users with incentives for recommending the site to others. With each user that signs up and makes a deposit via a unique referral link, new players will get $20 of DK dollars. They will also receive a special prize. Be advised that any bonuses must be applied after four months, or it will expire.

Overall, DraftKings provides a unique experience and a superior fantasy sports platform for those interested in the genre. From the sleek and easy design to the many ways one can engage in competition, DraftKings has continued to prove why it is the envy of other fantasy sports platforms. While it is not a perfect site as seen through the improvements that could be made in customer support, the learning curve for new users is quite small, and opportunities to make money are never lacking.

Hopefully, this draftkings.com review has given you an accurate perspective on the site. If you are interested in playing fantasy sports and getting the opportunity to earn money, DraftKings may be the platform that you are looking for.